E.J Su

E.J. has a passion for comic book since early age. He worked as freelance artist after college and has worked on comics for various publisher and as a freelance concept designer for Hasbro, Cartoon Network and other animation studios. He has worked on licensed titles such as Transformers, Voltron, Micronauts, Castlevania as well as original titles.


In 2010, E.J. worked as lead industrial designer and mechanical engineer for mobile accessories for 7 years, and gathered a few utility patent during this time, but his love of comic book took him back to freelancing, currently working as freelance comic book artist and concept designer.


1991 - 1993 Art Center College of Design, Transportation Design.

1994 - 2000 Graphic Designer / Printing / Computer Repair

2005  Transformers Animated Concept Artist at Cartoon Network

2010  Voltron Animated Series Character Designer

2010 - 2017 Industrial Designer / Mechanical Engineer at Trident Case