OBI Art Academy 最新消息和活動

Provide different activities and events for all our kids and parents~!!

Summer is freedom for your kids. Let them dive into the creativity and exploration that only art can offer. 

Outdoor landscape and drawing Event at the English Spring Park

OBI Art Academy and Christ's Kingdom Might Wind Church had very successful event,all students and their   families had explored the public installations throughout the English Spring Park and learned from natural animals and landscape.

Our students art contest awards

For young children, the arts have no right or wrong answers. They provide avenues for children to feel positive about themselves – and successful about their efforts.

CVAA constanly encourages our students join art contest,provide young people have oppotinuty to express their visions of art. through their perticepate contest and  arts activities build more confidance and successful experience. 


2019 OBI ART Academy art summer camp 

Kids art Camp+Teens camp: Disney and Japanese anime drawing