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Dinosaur fossils Clay 恐龍化石黏土製作

Children Art Class/ Grade: Pre K-4th Grade <Topic>:Dinosaur fossils Clay <Medium & Materials>:White Clay,Acrylic,vinyl flooring board,clay tools Project: Our Children art class on this project is dinosaurs fossil clay. We decided to focus on dinosaur fossils 3d modeling clay. Kids choose from a Triceratops, Apatosaurus, T-Rex or Pterodactyl to create their favorite type of Dinosaur.This project also combine 3D clay and science studies paleontology, learning about the forms of life that existed in former geologic periods, chiefly by studying fossils. Total hour:2 hours

<兒童創意美術班>兒童美術班(4-10歲) <主題>: # 恐龍化石黏土製作 <材料>:白黏土,壓克力,塑膠石塑地板 <上課大綱>兒童美術班上周主題是恐龍化石黏土製作,上課初期,老師先帶領小朋友欣賞恐龍以及考古化石的影片以及講解恐龍化石如何形成,當小朋友開始討論他們喜歡的恐龍同時,老師開始做圖片解說,並在白板上教小朋友繪製恐龍骨骼,先用白紙練習試畫一次,之後再轉到vinyl board上,正式用鉛筆打底稿,利用底稿的恐龍造型,把黏土塑形黏上去,恐龍椎骨用黏土刀斷節,再用手指塑成bone shape~之後用壓克力上背景色邊灑草粉,最後上白色骨色,斷骨間隙縫可用深色水彩點入,做陰影效果~板子切勿用紙板,會變形~廢棄木板或vinyl效果很好~黏性強製作時數:2小時

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