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Chinese Painting/Shrimp

Children Art Class/ Grade: Pre K-4th Grade <Topic>:Chinese Painting/Shrimp <Medium & Materials>:Chinese Calligraphy Drawing Rice Paper,Black Ink Project: Chinese brush painting is an ancient art that continues to fascinate contemporary art. The basic strokes can be learned in moments and require years to master. Simple beauty, harmony, serenity and tranquility may be discovered in a symbol, a bird, or a landscape.Our Children art class on this project is learning how to use brushwork and the skill to use ink in order to gain a magnificent color gradation.

Total hour:2 hours

<兒童創意美術班>兒童美術班(4-10歲) <主題>: # 國畫/蝦 <材料>:宣紙 墨水 <上課大綱> 兒童美術班本周主題是國畫蝦,老師首先播放影片,介紹蝦子的生態,動態並解說蝦子各部肢體關節的樣子,小朋友會先練習繪畫蝦子的比例及體態~之後老師示範如何運用筆刷去勾勒蝦子形態,控制墨水濃淡和渲染是本節課的重點

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