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Vincent Van Gogh starry night

Children Art Class/ Grade: Pre K-4th Grade <Topic>:Vincent Van Gogh starry night <Medium & Materials>:Black Paper,Acrylic,Oil Pastel <Project> Our Children art class on this project is students will learn about Vincent Van Gogh as they create a painting in his style.Let students where his/her ability is while still encouraging them to develop an artists eye. Challenge them to add “night colors” if you choose to paint a night scene or “day colors” in a daytime scene. Ask them about their color choices. Talk to them about reflection and shadows.

Total hour:2 hours

<兒童創意美術班>兒童美術班(4-10歲) <主題>: # 梵谷星空 <材料>:黑色紙,壓克力,油蠟筆 <上課大綱> 兒童美術班本周主題是向大師梵谷學習,我們選了大師最有名的一幅畫"星空"來讓小朋友學習

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